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Magician Extraordinaire JEFFREY TAM on Our Cover! Get your copy now!


We never really outgrow our love for magic. Inside all of us, there is the small child who watched his first magic show, entranced wholly by the beauty of it all. As the magician pulls a rabbit from his top hat, we stood there with our jaws dropping. When he called for volunteers, we eagerly raised our hands. Yes, this child still lives, and he will always be a part of us. Whenever we watch magicians doing fancy card tricks, inserting coins into unopened soda cans, or simply levitating, we still stand in awe, asking the age-old question "How in the world does he do that?"


World class magician Jeffrey Tam, increasingly known in the UK

Gradually making a name in the field of magic in the United Kingdom Kapamilya television host, comedian, Jeffrey Tam.

He called the first Filipino close-up magician to conquer Europe and that feature also the UK's Five On One. before becoming Comedian and TV host of "Morning with Beauty", identified as Jeffrey world class magician.

Three-time champion of the Philippines magic Jeffrey and nagkampeon Asian Magic Championship in Hong Kong in December.

Such prestiyoso championship the most qualifying tournament Blackpool for the World Championship.